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What You Need to Know about GDPR and CCPA: Part 2

Alan Chapell returns for the second installment of a two-part series about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). This week, we cover what you need to know in terms of how both will affect brand and human reputations, the right to be forgotten, and what we all sign up for when visiting a digital site. We also talk about being aware of what we post publically, how/if people can really get their private data off public sites, and what’s next in the Wild West of this digital frontier.


[3:49] Alan shares a story about a bank sending him way more data than he needed for a direct mail campaign. This goes to show that our information is not always in the hands of a company that is willing to protect it at all costs and that Facebook isn’t the only business sending out the information of people that they think is protected and private.

[9:00] We discuss the Right to Be Forgotten, and the Future of Reputation. When we click yes to agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions,” oftentimes we give up the right to sue, and give up a significant percentage of our rights just by being on the digital platform.

[10:20] What goes on Facebook, stays out there in public way after we can delete that one photo. When people post on FB, to a certain degree they are willingly making it now part of the public domain.

[13:25] It can be difficult, labor-intensive, and expensive to try to get search engines to remove information. You have to show that it is causing harm, intrusive, inappropriate or problematic in some fashion.

[19:10] The same way you can review your credit score and work to dispute false claims or issues, we should have the same right to have our online information reviewed and assessed if it is causing issues.

[32:18] Sometimes it’s a data leak, but sometimes it’s companies making bad decisions and deciding to “stalk” their customers. Either way, it’s a sure bet to turn a customer away for life.


  • “If you’re on Facebook, you are a guinea pig.”
  • “People click on these terms and conditions and they have no idea what they are agreeing to.”
  • “Be very careful who you share public information with.”
  • “Once it leaves your possession, you might as well assume that everyone has it.”
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