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David has never a better chance at beating Goliath

Thanks in part to the digital revolution, there has been a tremendous transition towards a more democratic marketing world, one in which you don’t need a huge budget to get a lot done. Success now goes to those advertisers who understand how to best leverage what they have, investing in smarter strategies rather than just bigger or more expensive campaigns.

Taking Down Goliath profiles the tactics needed to optimize the potential of digital marketing and realize its promise of a more level playing field. Industry veterans Kevin Ryan and Rob ‘Spider’ Graham explain what to do, where to look, how to execute, and most of all, what to avoid as you set out to make the most of what you’ve got. The book combines case studies from Bugaboo, Wendy Davis, the Daily Meal, and everyday entrepreneurs who are taking down Goliath on a daily basis – brands that emerged using tactical outlay and overarching strategies that their Goliath competitors couldn’t see coming.

Readers will learn, through step-by-step guides, how to identify their target audience and create points of engagement between brands and consumers. Drawing on their years in the trenches, working with some of the world’s top brands and teaching mid-sized companies how to compete, Ryan and Graham outline how to build a sound digital strategy in creatively cost-efficient ways. While most books focus on one medium (such as social media or search engine optimization), Taking Down Goliath takes a holistic approach“ explaining each digital marketing channel in detail and teaching readers how to combine them synergistically.

For the first time, it’s completely possible to compete with a brand boasting 100 times your spending power. It requires, however, the courage to invest in strategy. Taking Down Goliath provides the toolkit you need to make that investment.


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Praise for Taking Down Goliath

“Anyone can write a book directing big brands in how to spend their billion dollar marketing budgets. Taking Down Goliath guides small brands in how to use their size as an advantage to strategically out maneuver the big guys. This is an exceptional book demonstrating how digital has changed the rules of marketing and has tilted it in favor of the smaller, innovative player.”

–Jeffrey Cole, Director & CEO, Center for the Digital Future, USC Annenberg School

“It's not magic. But in order to succeed at digital marketing today you need a heck of a lot of smarts and know-how. The authors of this book can't help you with the former, but they sure can help you with the latter! With this book, you'll get solid, practical advice from two masters who do this stuff every day, and do it exceptionally well. What's more, it's an easy, engaging read!”

–Geoffrey Ramsey, Chairman, co-founder, eMarketer, Inc.

“What do you do if you’re a twentieth century business awakening to the new rules of the twenty-first century? In Taking Down Goliath, Ryan and Graham unpack the secrets of creative leverage for the digital age. Armed with practical advice and insights, this book offers a great strategic framework for re-considering your brand and attacking lethargic thinking.”

–John Gerzema, Best-selling author and social strategist

“If you haven’t heard his talk on “Technology is not a Strategy” you really are missing out on some great insights on our business. Buy his book for yourself and your employees.”

–Ron Belanger, Global Head of Sales and Service, at Salesforce

“Kevin tells it like it is. Practical advice based on more than a decade of experience in digital, without the jargon or geek-speak. Kevin offers insights to advertisers at all levels of experience in a way that’s understandable, actionable, and fun.”

–Matt Lawson, Managing Director, Ads Marketing at Google

"You don't need Google to search for the smartest, most knowledgeable expert on SEA, SEO and digital strategy–Kevin Ryan is in the house"

–Crystal Gurin, Senior Vice President and Publisher, eMarketer

"Kevin is one of the few authentic voices in the marketing industry. His cunning wit combined with deep digital knowledge unmasks trends, finds opportunities and tells stories that others have missed."

–Denise Zaraya, VP Agency Development, Integral Ad Science

"I’ve known Kevin professionally for more than ten years. I’ve come to appreciate him as one of the few people who truly understands the digital landscape in the context of solving business problems."

–Stefan Tornquist Vice President, Research (US) at Econsultancy

"Kevin is a uniquely engaging speaker in that he is supremely knowledgeable, sticks to the subject matter, yet manages to deliver his information in a warm, humorous manner. He teaches without sounding pedantic or patronizing, and the audiences walk away with actionable insights while having been entertained and educated."

–Masha Geller, VP, CDX Global Forum

“Kevin Ryan has been a regular voice at VMA Media events. I always ask him to participate because he not only understands the nuances of marketing, but can break down complex strategic issues in ways senior market executives find accessible. The man drives important conversations.”

–Joshua Messinger, President, VMA Media

“If you're looking for a speaker who plays it safe, Kevin Ryan is not the man for you. Ryan cuts through the jargon, busts predictability, and challenges audiences with his unique wit and acuity — in short, he is the man you call in when you want to wake up the room and transform perception.

Above all, Ryan is a pleasure to work with and fits into a myriad of speaking contexts — from standalone presentations, to fireside chats, to panel moderating. Whatever it is, don't worry. Kevin Ryan has it covered.”

–Jennifer Marlo, Content Director, iMedia Communications, Inc.