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Event Testimonials

“Jennifer has several rare and unique skills that make her almost anachronistic in the digital marketing universe. She very quickly ramped up her knowledge base when she arrived on the scene and has proved herself a force to be reckoned with not only the digital marketing elite, but the event industry as well. Complementing Jennifer’s subject matter expertise, her on-stage presence is second to none. Finally, her staunch commitment to producing on-point events with leading edge content is among the best in the business.”  — Kevin Ryan, CEO, Motivity Marketing 

“As Content Director for iMedia, Jenny creates a magic mix of dynamic and interesting presenters, fantastic content, and great online interaction, before and after the event. Jenny orchestrates each event to provoke new thinking, stimulate collaboration and foster valuable new business relationships. Plus, her events are a lot of fun! As a speaker, I couldn’t ask for a more professional and capable event leadership. ”   – Amanda Setili, President, Setili & Associates 

“Bravo to iMedia content head Jenny Marlo for putting the need to attract and retain a far more diverse workforce as the opening keynote and discussion. One of the many great things about Jenny is that she loves to break out of the typical event structure and hand-wringing discussions, to focus on actions we can take to improve advertising and marketing. ” — Jim Nichols, VP, Marketing, Apsalar 

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