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Web Pro News Interview: What Yahoo Needs to Stay Afloat

Just when it seems the drama couldn’t get any worse for Yahoo, something else happens. The most recent turn of events involving Yahoo’s now former CEO Scott Thompson and his resume scandal has the once highly regarded tech company in even deeper turmoil.

How could a company that was previously considered a leader be dead to so many now? According to Kevin Ryan, the CEO of Motivity Marketing, the problems for Yahoo began with its troubled search ad platform Panama. As he explained to us, Panama put the company’s search business in danger, which led to Yahoo “throwing in the towel on search” and partnering with its rival Microsoft.

In order for Yahoo to stay afloat, Ryan suggests that it re-invest in its search business. Although the company is currently trying to
re-invent itself as a media company, Ryan doesn’t think “another HuffPo” is the answer. He believes that, by focusing on search again, Yahoo could better serve its users and, eventually, its advertisers.

Ryan also told us that there are opportunities for Yahoo in social. Both Google and Bing have yet to completely succeed in social, which
leaves open doors for Yahoo. Ultimately, he believes Yahoo should make drastic changes internally in order to streamline its processes.

While Ryan is hopeful for Yahoo’s future, he said that only time will tell what may come of the company.

View the video here.

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