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Two guys walk into a Starbucks in Beverly Hills

What passes as engagement these days makes me just a tiny bit sad. 

LinkedIn, for example, has enough “tedstyle talk” posts with photos in the “armswideopen enthralling my audience pose,” (probably with a sepia filter) to make a Japanese quail download dinner. Or –heaven help us– there is the volume of chat windows single handedly destroying LinkedIn communications offering me a way to get 16,000 leads. Only 16,000? Amateurs. One guy (I wish I were kidding) had a picture of *someone’s* spouse and kids as his head shot. Anyone who would go to such lengths to exploit his *or someone’s* kids to resell me leads is getting a check from me double-quick.

The quest for monetization conflicts with the original promise of social media. This has, in large part led to the commoditization of storytelling and low expectations for making a real connection. Lest ye think otherwise, the age of organic reach in social media has ended. If you want engagement you better have some money and be better than everyone else at telling stories. 

When I want to know about such things, I call the best people I know to talk about it. Meet Mr. Michael Estrin.  

Please note: Due to high demand for Mr. Estrin’s content, his team is being a royal pain in my gluteals. Our licensing only permits access or download to his podcast on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and only for 1 week.

So wait till tomorrow to get your TMI. Seriously do not click today. Bookmark it or Artists Internationale or something will sue me.