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TMI Back Atcha

After a short unpaid sabbatical (its not like I get paid for this anyway) to prepare for TMI’s official launch we are back in production this week.  

I enjoyed my time away and the nine year wait for this trip was certainly worth it. 

Though I spent most of my time in West Elizabeth I have a lot of memories in New Hanover, Lemoyne and of course New Austin. While it was not the first time I robbed a bank, it was for me, the first time I went gator hunting. I felt I was left no choice but to defend the honor of my friends with my irons and perhaps I was quick on the trigger other times. I made and lost a fortune, then made it again, then lost it again. I made my piece with Author and it was great to experience how John put the pieces of his life together. Although I fear I may never forgive Dutch, I do not regret sending Micah to his maker in a deservedly brutal fashion.  

I lost a few friends whom I will miss but I must accept that as a career criminal seeking redemption. More than anything, I’ll miss the horses I lost but again, you have to accept the occasional trusted steed getting shot up by bounty hunters or simply running off a cliff or into a moving train for no apparent reason. I suppose it didn’t help that I was robbing the train at the time, but that’s not important right now. 

Anyway, while you wait for the new stuff, you can listen to the best of what we’ve recorded to date covering privacy, GDPR, industry awards, honesty and transparency, search, social, research and analytics. 

Everything you wanted to know and too much more.