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Marketing Land: Is Google + Mandatory?

Is Google+ Mandatory For Marketers? And Is That So Bad?

Jan 25, 2012

When Google launched its Google+ social network, the marketing world (along with everyone else) barely noticed. When Google decided to make this social network a bigger part of search results, marketers had little choice but to sit up and take action.

 Over the last week or so, we at Motivity  have spent a fair amount of time talking to clients and constituents about Google’s latest move, and what’s emerging is a picture of concern and skepticism. But don’t fret yet. And don’t get so caught up in the controversy that you fail to evaluate the marketing implications.

 Is Participation Mandatory?

Many of the advertisers I have spoken to feel they are being forced into participation in Google’s social platform because of the recent addition of Search Plus Your World

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