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Sample articles from Kevin Ryan on iMedia:

5 can’t-miss SEO trends Published: March 15 2010 | SEO Dramatic shifts have occurred in the search field, but the fundamentals of good SEO still apply. Here’s how to adapt your tried-and-true strategies for the future.
The path to effective local advertising Published: December 09 2009 | LOCAL See how accepted thinking about small- and medium-sized businesses needs to shift to leverage local platforms and exchange models.
The click is dead; long live the click Published: November 17 2009 | WEB ANALYTICS Is digital’s subordination to traditional a matter of misaligned metrics, or is it just a diversion from a focus on the bigger problem?
Yahoo, Bing, and the uncertain future of search Published: July 30 2009 | SEARCH ENGINES The Microsoft-Yahoo agreement is a positive development for the search world, but how will it impact digital advertisers as they attempt to reach searchers? Have a look at the possibilities.
Do we need to worry about click fraud? Published: June 19 2009 | PAID SEARCH Are the fraudsters becoming more cunning, or are we just more attuned to finding fault with click data? Take a look at the factors shaping the value of search activity, and the likely solutions for getting the clicks you pay for.
How internet directory services failed Published: May 14 2009 | PAID SEARCH Internet yellow pages are trying to reclaim the opportunities they’ve lost with regard to helping small businesses. Here’s why their new offerings are likely to fall short.
How to beat Google at search Published: April 22 2009 | SEO The next generation of search will require a shift in how we approach its most important aspect: the users.
The future of search: 5 ways to prepare Published: January 19 2009 | SEO Blended search has changed the way we find everything on the web. Here’s a look at the modern audience optimization tactics that can help marketers achieve big wins in this evolving area.
Video Search Marketing Realities Published: May 30 2007 | SEARCH ENGINES Our search editor finds new meaning in video search and how to make money with it.
The Search Apocalypse Is Here. Or Is It? Published: May 23 2007 | PAID SEARCH Ad serving is a commodity-based business, but that may be changing. Clients like to think they own their data, but those days are coming to an end.
The 7 Deadly Sins of Site Search Published: May 16 2007 | SEO With billions spent on search marketing, are brand owners failing site searchers? Our search editor has the answer.
Secrets of Influencing Searchers Published: May 09 2007 | PAID SEARCH Our search editor peers into the minds and bodies of healthcare searchers and talks about how it illuminates all search marketing.
Is Mobile Search Still Futile? Published: May 02 2007 | PAID SEARCH Who is searching with mobile devices and should you even bother? iMedia’s search editor says yes, and no.
The 3 Biggest Search Blunders Published: April 25 2007 | PAID SEARCH Think you’ve got search marketing licked? Think again. Our search editor reviews three mistakes to avoid.
Search Legalities to Watch For Published: April 20 2007 | PAID SEARCH Should you take action when your site is being defamed by a disgruntled blogger? You bet.
Be Smart About Content Search & Save $$$ Published: April 11 2007 | PAID SEARCH Although you CAN manage your content search campaign in the same interface as your paid search campaign, you’re wasting money if you do.
Death Watch: Yahoo! Published: April 09 2007 | MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING Find out what iMedia’s search editor says will make or break America’s favorite search portal.

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