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AccuraCast and Motivity Launch Accumotiv, a Joint Venture Helping Brands Expand Globally

Uniting across the pond and helping brands navigate international expansion, UK-based AccuraCast and US-based Motivity announced the formation of Accumotiv, a joint venture focused on helping brands navigate global markets, cultures, and data privacy regulations.

With the UK establishing regulations on data privacy, AI, and other technologies, it can be challenging for brands to expand into new markets and successfully navigate the nuances in compliance, culture, and communications. In addition, localization is essential for brands that want to enter new markets and provide a native-feeling user experience. But, none of that is easy without the knowledge and expertise of the markets where brands want to expand. 

Noticing these challenges and having the know-how to help brands navigate and implement effective communication strategies across borders, Motivity and AccuraCast saw an opportunity. The agencies joined forces to create a consulting entity that fosters international collaboration and leads the way in propelling brands toward a successful business expansion.

“There is a lot that brands need to know and do when entering new markets,” said Motivity CEO Kevin Ryan. “It’s not just about the products or services but also about operating compliance and efficiency – and Accumotiv will help brands do this the right way.”

Accumotiv will help brands by mitigating the risk and costs of mistakes due to unknowns. It will also help identify the best digital marketing opportunities to align with the brand’s goals and launch, measure, and optimize a brand’s digital marketing during its international expansion.

The joint venture announcement was first unveiled in this MediaPost article.