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GDPR: What You NEED to Know NOW

TMI has nearly 7 billion downloads since last week’s soft launch. Now, have a listen to one of the top people in the digital privacy space break down GDPR. Alan Chapell advises some of the biggest tech companies in the world and he’s got some thoughts for you. To protect our privacy, we recorded in a secret location in New York City’s West Village.

Stop struggling with GDPR, get the straight story.

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Some thoughts to get you going:

[37:05] Alan compares consent to Fool’s Gold due to the imbalance of power between those collecting and those giving personal data. As it relates to consent pop-ups on video games, If no isn’t a valid option, how valid is yes.

[44:59] “Life experience” is a part of that person’s private information that should be protected but isn’t. Examples of life experiences regarding personal data and privacy are graduation, marriage, divorce.

[47:57] Alan thinks the trade press is a vehicle for wonderful ideas, but when it comes to privacy or using them as a primary news source, it often garners misinformation and hyperbole for the sake of click bait.

[48:39] Alan recommends some sights for those interested in learning more on privacy: The International Association of Privacy Professionals has a good overview on GDPR and the Future of Privacy Form