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Is there a clear road ahead for digital marketing?

Sure there is. But let’s have a look back to help plainly define the path forward. We’ll take a look at digital marketing’s origins all the way up to today’s saturation points and the love/hate relationship we have with advertising and its technology.

So here’s another sneak peak while TMI is still in beta, and we have none other than digital marketing industry founding papa Tom Hespos. Among the many useful things I have learned from Tom over the years is the proper way to refer to an ongoing email “conversation.” Yes, its a thread. Several emails together is a thread. It’s not a chain. It’s not a string. It’s a thread. Details matter people!

Get TMI here too.

Some highlights:

[23:47] Tom strives to build models for clients where they can truly see and understand how the digital marketing is contributing to their business, primarily with things already accepted and successful within their business. This helps them stand before executive management to explain what they are doing, and why.

[26:25] It sure helps motivate people to get on board when their bonuses are connected to the metrics!

[43:33] You must know how to explain your technology clearly and simply and present the information in a way that’s realistic.