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Changing the Game in Advertising, Events, and Digital with Tameka Kee

Tameka Kee has spent the last decade connecting the dots of technology, media, and marketing. Currently the Vice President of Content & Strategy at Wise Public Relations, she joins us today to talk about some common misconceptions of virtual reality, where we are now with the technology, what she sees emerging in the coming years, and how it is changing in both consumer and enterprise markets. She also talks about successful moments in integrating sponsors into events, and lessons she is learning now as she begins to produce events in the VR/AR universe.


[3:25] Tameka is also the head of the LA Chapter for the VR/AR association, an industry trade group dedicated to advance and connect digital technology experts and enthusiasts.

[6:19] VR is on a continuum of how immersive an experience it is, and Tameka sees the Oculus Quest as a game changer on the consumer front.

[10:11] In the enterprise, VR is changing how companies do HR training that requires empathy and compassion, as the sensory-motor activity makes participants really feel like they are there in real time.

[12:05] In medicine, there are a lot of VR and AR companies creating ways to make surgery better, and help doctors perform at super in-depth performance standards.

[17:40] Tameka comes from a journalistic background and remained a champion for integrity and information even when she shifted to working in an event and sponsorship space. She hasn’t won every battle, but most times finds that audiences and events align with high-value content.

[29:30] Part of the challenge with events in digital marketing is sponsors want to be thought leadership sponsors, when other opportunities may make for a more authentic and trustworthy integration.

[37:37] Digital marketers can benefit in looking at events from other industries to get inspiration.

[40:41] As much as the advertising and digital industry changes, relationships and networking still are at the forefront of long-lasting and consistently attended events.

[42:11] As both an event producer and programmer, Tameka sees there are many aspects to consider such as name recognition, content, and financial contribution.

[47:28] Tameka loves events due to her natural curiosity, love of seeing what’s coming up, and interacting with the leaders of the present day and the future.

[56:14] It takes effort to find good speakers and organize an agenda and book a venue; oftentimes, people underestimate the responsibility of an events planner.

[62:36] Tameka explains The Influx Lab, and the upcoming event on December 1 to discuss the conversation about all aspects of mixed reality.

[70:11] TMI Podcast PSA: If you gave a TEDx Talk, please don’t weave it into every conversation that you have for the rest of your life. Please leave it on the stage (or at least just your Facebook profile).