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Creating a Bridge for the Warriors — Tom Deierlein

Tom Deierlein, a 1989 graduate of West Point, gets his energy from helping others less fortunate both locally and globally. Today, he joins the show to talk about his background in leadership, business, service, and why he founded the many touching ways that the TD Foundation is helping American Veteran heroes and their families. Tom shares an amazing story about getting shot by a sniper while in combat, and why he views it now as one of the best things to happen to him. Finally, he discusses the upcoming TD Foundation Holiday Cocktail event and ways you can get involved, whether you are near or far.


[3:51] Tom and Kevin reminisce about the ‘good ole days’ of the industry when it was less commercialized than it is today.

[4:14] Tom discusses the role that Dynamic Logic had in opening the eyes of advertisers to use real data to apply traditional brand metrics.

[8:02] Tom is a West Point Graduate from 1989, served in the Berlin Brigade and got out in 1993. In 2005 he was recalled back to active IRR (Individual Ready Reserve) where he lent his skills and expertise in civil affairs and economic development.

[11:51] Tom recalls the unbelievable story of getting shot by a sniper, and what a body trauma looks and feels like.

[19:58] Yes, even when the war hero comes home, his friends still play hard against him in poker.

[21:43] There have been 50 life-saving surgeries through the TD Foundation. The foundation’s mission statement is “TD Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization that provides aid to children of wounded warriors and fallen heroes. We help American Veterans’ families in crisis.”

[25:45] Whatever your passion is, dedicate yourself to lending your skills to just one organization or charity. Whether it’s seniors, veterans, animals, or if it’s local or international, many good causes need your help year-round.

[27:04] The charity was born of the “old timers” list from advertising, and Tom was touched by how much of the collective came together (and still continues to do so) for this cause.

[30:47] From school supplies to food, Tom’s foundation works to help pretty much anything that a family could need.

[34:00] The TD Foundation just got the honor of the U.S. Special Operations Command Patriot Award, the highest award for a civilian nonprofit in supporting special armed forces.

[48:05] We reveal some special unique sports memorabilia donations for the upcoming TD Foundation Holiday Cocktail event. If you are also a Bloody Mary lover, this event also has some great auction options for you.