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You Are Your Own Brand with Elizabeth Nader

Elizabeth Nader can tell right away whether she is coaching someone that has what it takes to succeed. Yes, talent and intelligence are important, but the ability to be coached is what takes someone that extra step further and gets them to grow past their limiting beliefs. As a coach, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Elizabeth’s mission is to help people realize that they aren’t in competition with anyone else, just themselves. She joins the show this week to talk about the importance of embarrassing failure, taking a closer look at our limiting beliefs, who the enemy of our brand really is, and why we should plan to outdo our past, not other people.


[6:07] You are your own brand; Elizabeth believes you are created on purpose for a purpose.

[8:13] Find yourself before the world tells you otherwise. There is not enough emphasis on teaching children to believe in themselves and know who they really are before the world forms an opinion and tells them who they should be.

[11:14] Your greatest strengths become your greatest weakness without wisdom. Great leaders communicate through authenticity and meet people where they are.

[12:17] Don’t be a trainwreck! Elizabeth says the trainwrecks are the people who just refuse to be coached. Yes, we know big personalities may have big egos, but the real challenge is listening and not always having a rebuttal or limitation in place.

[14:25] The best brands know what they are, they know who their enemy is, and they consistently show up in that manner. For Apple, it represents simplicity. For Starbucks, they may not have the best coffee, but they are clear on building a community.

[18:40] God is the best brander in the world. Elizabeth believes that we are created with our unique brand inside of us, but it’s up to do the work and show up in an authentic and open way.

[22:39] The most successful people learn from their mistakes and see “failure” as a learning lesson.

[24:39] Your metron is a circle of influence, and too often we expect our metron to be the whole world. Our metron expands successfully when we find our community and serve them, without trying to be everything to everyone.

[33:31] Consumers are getting more and more resistant to giving all their data away because they aren’t seeing the return. For example, with Facebook, we don’t quite know what all this data they have has brought into our lives.

[38:44] As a brand, you must know, what is the enemy?

[47:29] There is no limit to what you can achieve if you are in your own lane. Figure out who you are and double down on your gifts. Prosperity comes when you are in your lane.


  • “You are either succeeding or you learn. You only fail if you give up.” — Elizabeth
  • “A confused consumer doesn’t buy.” — Elizabeth
  • “If you do the work and you are willing to say, ‘Who am I really?’, and let me match that up with what I do, that is when the world opens up to you.” — Elizabeth
  • “You don’t need to be something to everyone, just serve your group as best you can.” — Elizabeth

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