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Uh-Oh! Is This the End of SEO?

“What should you do?
Think about the search experience holistically

Adapting your SEO approach around this social-centric search trend involves more than just sharing content and dialing up the volume with paid promotions.

Motivity Marketing, Inc. CEO Kevin Ryan suggests thinking of content in a broader context but with a more refined execution strategy. “Stop trying to hit home runs and worry about getting on base,” he says. “Look at the entirety of what your audience may be seeking to learn. Then you can make informed decisions about the best method of interaction.”

You can’t beat social media’s influence, but you can join it

Kevin also recommends considering how your target audience may interpret your presence in their social communities. The right approach can grow your reputation as a trustworthy information source. But don’t force your way in by tooting your brand’s horn.”