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TMI with Kevin Ryan launches with a Vice.

Long form is catching on. At least I think it is. Short form bits and bites of knowledge are express mailing the world to hell in a handcart. Without droning on about how cool this new complete genius podcast is, allow me to humbly announce the full on soft launch of my new podcast. A “soft launch” or “beta” if you will, is a great excuse to dismiss bugs and other manner of errors as to avoid any accountability for said mistakes. I like it. If you want to know where and why, you can read it here. Or you can simply listen to the first episode in which I am joined by Sir Michael Learmonth of the house of Vice News thereby bringing this podcast a level of dignity it may yet deserve. Michael suffered through editing my op-ed stuff for years but now you can find him at Vice News, one of the rare hold out actual news destinations on the web and you can watch Vice News reports on HBO.

Click to here to blow your mind with episode 1. Or, you can triple down and subscribe. In the latter instance there will be easter eggs and you can discover unpublished yet somehow also published works yet to be announced.