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Search Engine Watch

Sample Articles from Kevin Ryan on Search Engine Watch:

Build a Better Cesspool
Traditional media troops are pitted against the burgeoning voice of populace publishing. What’s search’s role in today’s publishing (2 comments)May 13, 2009

Luxury Brand Survival
Did you ever notice that luxury brands that have been with us since the dawn of time somehow survive economic turmoil? Ever wonder how they do it? Of course, smart search strategies play a (1 comments)May 6, 2009

Fear the Google
Fear is one constant in a world of uncertainties. Why do industry experts, advertisers, and pundits seem to be afraid to say anything negative about (6 comments)Apr 29, 2009

Do You Track Searcharoundings?
With advances in targeting, we often have some idea of where people are (geographically speaking), but how much time do we spend thinking about the searcher’s state of mind? Short answer: we (4 comments)Apr 15, 2009

Trademark: The Next Generation
Last week’s Second Circuit Court ruling in the case of Rescuecom Corp. v. Google turned my head a bit when I first saw it, particularly because of a few notable items we haven’t seen before in trademark (5 comments)Apr 8, 2009

The Search World’s All A-Twitter
Many people don’t know what to make of Twitter. What is it? What’s the point? It’s an undeniable guarantee that when you adopt something new and make it your own, someone will be there to wave a finger to explain … (3 comments)Apr 1, 2009

Search Goes Global
Extending a search initiative beyond the borders of the United States represents its own unique challenges, not the least of which is that it looks easier than it (2 comments)Mar 26, 2009

What Should You Do When You Get Canned?
Change is inevitable. You never know when you might encounter the folks you work with again and in what capacity. What goes around often comes around, so behave accordingly and it might just come back to you in a positive … (1 comments)Mar 11, 2009

The End of the Beginning
The first generation of the search-advertising model has passed. The next generation of search advertising and natural search will take some of the power away from the elite few in favor of placing the tools in the hands of the … (4 comments)Mar 4, 2009

Maximum PPC
Advertisers big and small face the dilemma of reaching max capacity with their search budgets and they reach a point of hesitation that resembles trying to swim through quicksand. The vast majority of companies would increase search budgets, if only … (1 comments)Feb 25, 2009

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