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Rebranding Socialism as Conscious Capitalism

Joseph Jaffe has written five best-selling books and thousands of columns, along with launching the CoronaTV show during the pandemic. He and Kevin talk about reconciling our current state to look at the opportunities with wonder and awe, how a social contract would help the way we talk to each other online, and the deep need to reclaim social media and make it less political. Joseph also talks about conscious capitalism and how we can make money but still help each other, and why he believes we all need political couples therapy.


[4:25] CoronaTV is a thoughtful and insightful show, not a call!

[6:18] The global pandemic has many downsides and it is a life-changing event, but there is some good in it. For Joseph, it was developing CoronaTV where he has deep conversations with thought leaders and entertaining friends, and he is finding that he wouldn’t have time to dig in as deep if we weren’t home in quarantine.

[9:12] It’s not that Joseph and Kevin feel bad for people still getting that corporate paycheck, but for those that have been laid off, it is almost like they have been given the gift of a reset. Joseph hopes that after all we have been through over the past couple of months, we won’t go back to our old bad ways and habits.

[10:48] We can still be a capitalist society and make money, but we can be conscious about it and not at the expense of human beings. This is what Joseph calls “Conscious Capitalism.”

[13:38] The biggest challenge we have now in marketing is apathy.

[21:19] Kevin and Joseph discuss how social media and Twitter has become more of a broadcasting platform than a space for people to thoughtfully share balanced and nuanced information. Our algorithms are keeping us isolated and taking away the ability to think critically or see the other side of the argument.

[33:22] For the “blue checks” on social media, there must be accountability in what you say and how you say it. Being verified on a social media site doesn’t necessarily mean you are worthy of having a platform to spread your message out into the world without any questioning or counterbalance of thought.

[40:20] Joseph discusses the idea of a “Supreme Court of Truth” social contract where we are open to hearing the perspective of others, believe there is truth in their statement, and open to compromise.

[47”07] We need to reclaim social media and not have everything so politicized.


  • “Sometimes you gotta be pushed. We might not have the fortitude or the stomach to see the change in our lives, if not for these life-changing moments.”
  • “They say hindsight is 2020, except in 2020 when you don’t need hindsight to realize it sucks.”

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