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Leaning into Agility and Holacracy with Nita Sanger

The digital transformation is changing every aspect of how companies do business, and the most successful companies are those who are leaning into these changes. Nita Sanger joins the show as the director of digital advisory practice at Cherry Bekaert and master of strategic intelligence, common sense, and in-practice digital transformation. She has seen firsthand the effect that the rapid pace of technology change has on companies of all sizes. She discusses the ways successful companies use technology to create a competitive advantage, the importance of company culture, and the role of holacracy in an effective digital transformation.


[2:20] The greatest opportunities lie in companies that are willing to move fast.

[5:25] The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change by changing how we access every aspect of our consumer needs, from how we go to work to how we go to the grocery store. Effective digital transformation starts with how you use technology to create an advantage for your firm.

[10:34] Nita understands the importance of recognizing a need and figuring out how to solve for it and sees that the paradigm shift often happens most successfully at mid-level firms.

[16:46] The operational structures of organizations are often automated, while the people aspect of companies will never go away. But how does that apply in the personalization of the retail experience?

[21:19] If you can think outside the digital box, you have the potential for significant growth.

[24:01] Companies never start with the desire to transform, they only see the symptoms that are stunting their growth. Nita shares the 5 Rs that companies need to review to figure out where change needs to happen.

[32:05] How do companies need to adapt their culture to keep up with the digital transformation? The answer lies in harnessing the power of the next generation.

[36:30] Businesses are moving from a hierarchy to a holacracy, and what companies can create when everyone brings their different skill sets to the table is going to be bigger than ever before.

[37:57] Agility means scaling to the individual needs of every client that you work with.


  • “Technology is the enabler of change. It’s not the driver.” — Nita
  • “Whatever you do, you want to fail fast.” — Nita
  • “Transformation is never one and done.” — Nita
  • “Each one of us is good in our own areas but together what we can create is so much bigger.” — Nita

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