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Keeping the Team Dynamic and Culture in a New Remote Landscape with Adam Kleinberg

This week, I welcome Adam Kleinberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Traction. We discuss the way culture is changing dramatically as a result of employees having the ability to work remotely, and how we can thrive in a remote environment without affecting the work or the team dynamic. Adam talks about Traction’s remote working policy, how they provide everyone with the tools to do their job professionally, and why you will want to make sure the Zoom camera is on when it’s required.


[3:33] Adam talks about Traction’s transition of pivoting from being an agency into a brand experience consultancy, designed to support and turbocharge in-house teams.

[6:13] Adam’s team makes sure everyone has their basic tools to do the job, whether it’s an office desk, computer monitor, or even phone setup.

[9:46] They have also implemented a little of the budget for wellness, and put an emphasis on the work/life balance.

[11:10] It is more important than ever to hire people not just for their skills, but if they really show up to be present, and be an integral and helpful member of the team.

[12:48] Traction makes sure they let employees know that some meetings require a “camera-on” policy.

[16:37] Adam sees a future where some people will choose to continue working remotely, while others will opt to be back in an office. It is up to the CEO and team visionaries to make both possible and functional.

[20:49] The future may see more adjustments for salary based on the market in which an employee lives.

[29:06] Yes, it’s true. Adam really was blogging back in the 1990s, before it was cool.

[30:53] Adam discusses people moving out of the Bay Area and to other locations to be with their family, since it’s not required for the industry in the current moment.


  • “We have it in the handbook — don’t be a jerk.” — Adam
  • “Part of building a great company is finding people who align with some sort of cultural ethos.” — Adam
  • “We have to stop thinking about counting impressions and figure out how to make them.” — Adam
  • “Good talent can live anywhere.” — Adam

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