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Integrating Smart Data with Andreas Cohen

Andreas Cohen is the Tribal Leader of the Smart Data Marketing Elite and founder of I-COM. He joins the show from Spain this week to explain why understanding Smart Data is important for businesses to stay competitive and make sure their message to the customer is consistent and effective. He also discusses the results from the Hackathon, the benefit of organizations that combine behavior with data science, and how he has been adapting and innovating due to the recent shift in networking and professional gatherings in person.


  • The ways in which we defined and categorized data in a company as marketers have changed. While at first, it was about more than just a digital transformation, group leaders soon saw the importance of how data can be the catalyst to transform the business as a whole, and other departments than marketing.
  • Andreas refers to Smart Data Marketing as the art of creatively leveraging value from Data to create competitive advantage in products, user experience, and promotion.
  • I-COM is a Global Sector Association helping its members to achieve competitive advantage in Smart Data Marketing.
  • At I-COM, their Data Science Hackathon broadened the scope of participants, helping them understand marketing and product development in an even broader sense.
  • While we need hyperspecialists, our Chief Data or Digital Officers also will be the ones defining the standards for the organization and overseeing each unit and vendor.
  • Data scientists are trained very skillfully in finding patterns and extracting value from the information they gather.
  • I-COM has meetups where they gather and discuss the industry and obviously that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While online chats are great for now, they don’t replace the benefits of the connection that comes with talking to someone offline.
  • We see more companies hiring people in the marketing sciences.


  • “For us, it’s about scaling what we are doing selectively.”
  • “Maintaining the integrity of the community is priority number one.”
  • “We are seeing companies get back after the shock and awe of the pandemic.”

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