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How To Be the Jenny To the Industry’s Forrest Gump with Zach Rodgers

Kevin has a fun chat with Zach Rodgers, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Marketecture Media, a new media venture that helps people navigate the world of marketing technology. Zach also ran AdExchanger’s editorial operations and supported programming strategy for the company’s Programmatic IO and Industry Preview Events. Zach and Kevin discuss editorial independence, how Marketecture can help assist vendor conversations, and how Marketecture’s products and offerings can help both ad tech and marketing executives.


[3:31] Zach believes in editorial independence and that there are still many strong journalists out there.

[10:50] How can AdvertisingWeek get better?

[13:32] What exactly is an oligarchy?

[14:32] As the economy turns down, unfortunately, the people that get fired first are often the ones with the creative and inventive thinker-type titles.

[20:35] Okay, what does it mean to be the Jenny to the industry’s Forrest Gump?

[22:43] Zach talks about Marketecture and how it cuts through the BS while providing people a platform to be curious and have genuine interactions. Marketecture can also help take the hocus pocus and hand waving away from the process, and help people understand the complex world of technology to make better vendor decisions.

[23:49] Zach breaks down the Marketecture pricing and the overall subscription model.

[28:48] What’s the plan for the future of the business?


  • “There are still strong journalists out there.” — 4:33 Zach
  • “Long live editorial independence. I believe it will continue.” — 10:38 Zach

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