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Fools, Money and Toys

I’m not even going to link to it. I am reticent to acknowledge the ridiculous hash tag. It’s there. It’s there and we all know it. In summary, a toy store is going bankrupt. Not Mom and Pop’s toy store, a big one. One I, along with millions of others grew up in. You know it, I know it, and apparently a billionaire with his finger on the pulse of the news cycle knows it. Nostalgia makes me want to save the memory of the smell of action figures in aisle 6 in the morning. It smelled like joy. And that joy is exactly the kind of nonsense being peddled in a go fund yourself page, but please don’t give these carpetbaggers your money.

You see kids, if you believe in a company and you think you can make money and you want to gain support, you don’t take people’s money and send them a bumper sticker (true story, you make a “donation” and that’s what you get) you take people’s money and they get SOMETHING in return. That SOMETHING should be stock in said company so that when the billionaires involved do start making money, you will get a SOMETHING too. This isn’t the Red Cross. It’s not a soup kitchen. It’s legalized (for the time being) parting fools with their money.

Don’t be a fool. If you invest in a company, get something in return.

If you’d like to support something, try the good people at South Park Studios who encapsulated the go fund me phenomenon like only they can.

If you still have money left, send it to the good people who run Cartoonstock.Com because they were so nice about letting me Bogart their cartoon about fools and money.