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Creating Positive Changes By Working Together with Agnes Sym

Agnes Sym, a full-time working mom of two, is vying for one of two seats on the Millburn Township Committee. Agnes is a board member of the Newcomers & Neighbors of Short Hills & Millburn, an active member of the Glenwood Parent Teacher Organization, and Vice President and Associate General Counsel in the Legal Department of Fidelity Investments. She talks with us today about what it’s like to run locally, why she wants to serve her community on the Committee, and the issues she is facing on her platform. She also talks about the party politics that she faces, and what she looks forward to working on to make the community even stronger.


[5:45] Agnes has a full-time job and a family, and when she announced her plan to run, friends asked if she was crazy. However, she knew that her “why” is to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Once learning about the issues in her community, she decided to step up and be part of the process.

[9:39] Some of the larger issues that Agnes is dealing with on her platform include calling for more responsible development, taxes, and her future plans for improving the downtown.

[17:02] Agnes is a seasoned negotiator and collaborator. She loves coming up with creative solutions that can meet the needs of multiple parties in the town.

[25:50] Party Politics can be dark, but Agnes believes that the focus should be on finding the best candidate for the job.

[30:55] Agnes is running as part of the Republican Party, and it has caused some hesitation in others, but she is here to remind us that she wants to be here to do the right thing for the township and its people.