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Anders Hjorth

Digital marketing strategist, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker Anders Hjorth joins the show today to talk about what he has learned in his experience working at and founding several Digital Marketing agencies in Paris. Anders is also the founder of Innovell, provider of Digital Marketing insights, and sees, inside and out, the formula to success in agency life and what new trends we need to adopt and adapt to. Anders also chats about his judging on various industry Awards in the areas of Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Biddable Media.


[2:02] Anders is an independent digital marketing consultant in France and has also founded and co-founded several agencies, including Relevant Traffic, BDBL Media, AZNOS, and Accenture Interactive. He is now the founder of Innovell, which provides Digital Marketing Insights.

[8:30] The old business saying of “concentrate on what you are good at and then monetize it,” definitely has some weight to it but in the new world order of marketing we must also see what’s up ahead and not be afraid of testing them out.

[16:36] Having a plan is good, but over-structuring and controlling won’t get you anywhere. Great leaders are aware of the need to be open to change and to stay adaptable.

[26:01] The more people you can push up to be visible inside the company, the better for everyone.

[32:39] We are seeing more cultures sharing knowledge, whether from the senior leaders or just between co-workers. Instead of more competition, certain projects and strategies call for collaboration.

[35:41] While jumping into failure isn’t advised, the acceptance of failure seems to loosen the grip and people are steered more towards innovation.

[38:41] Anders looks at trends from reviewing hundreds of case studies and mapping out what is changing and what is more hype than reality.

[44:10] In a functional culture, we need people that gather important information and also those that help us know exactly what the next move would be with that information.