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A Deeper Conversation – Michael Learmonth

In our first ever episode of The TMI Project, I am very excited to be joined by an old friend and colleague in the industry, Michael Learmonth. As the someone with over 20 years of experience including the previous editor for Advertising Age and the present News director at Vice News, Michael has been someone that the world turns to for and credible news. We talk about current trends and challenges within technology, data breaches, the desire for deeper conversation and ideas on how to make our conversations better.


[1:44] Michael has seen the trend move away from people only wanting to digest bits and bytes, into a desire for deeper and more realistic conversation.

[2:10] A few of Michael’s favorite facets of his job include marketing, public speaking, and writing.

[4:04] Kevin explains why he chose podcasting as the medium for The TMI Project.

[5:59] The advertising world is in the public dialogue now for driving much content that reaches a global audience.

[9:05] Kevin’s choice of upcoming podcast guests include people he was on panels with, did keynote talks with, and is interested of sitting down for a real in-depth conversation not limited by sponsor agenda.

[14:40] The way we interact with people is one of the main drivers in the industry and an ongoing subject of how we can improve upon current technology.

[16:51] Technology has advanced so far beyond the laws that it almost seems sometimes as though we are reacting and making up the rules as we go.

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  • “Podcasting is a very strong way to let people bring you with them.” 
  • “Given the current state of affairs, it seems like people really want to dig down and find out a little more about what’s going on and what’s behind the scenes.” 
  • “As much as I love the talking heads out there, I prefer to have conversations with people actually doing the work.” 
  • “You see many fads come and go but the main thing that has been driving the industry is the ability to interact with people in better ways.”